Advertising Age Cover Contest 2016

Whilst doing my internship at Ogilvy Tokyo in 2016, my friend and team partner at the time Manuela told me about Avertising Age's cover contest for their Cannes Festival edition. The brief was simply: "What is creativity? Create a visual that captures the essence of today’s creative process."


Manuela and I were used to work together since ad school, so our creative process was very clear for us: a lot of sketches and rough ideas scribbled into post-its, in which the most part would end in the dustbin. What we later realised was that our final concept and ideas were always a blended mixture of the previously discarded work - and that was our process itself.

Together we thought about how to show and express the value of all the ideas we decided not to use, but when put together, were crucial to the final execution. After brainstorming for a while, we got into the concept that, since it was where all the discarded ideas ended up, our trash can was our golden pot. From that moment on, everything went clear and we knew exactly what to do.

Unfortunately we were not the winners, but we made it into the finalists and got our covers exposed in Cannes Festival together with some other great designs that can be checked here.