The Wellenzohn's Wedding

Camilla and Mirco are personal friends with myself and trusted me to design their wedding invitations. She is Brazilian, he is Swiss and they both live in Z├╝rich. They already had a smaller and private ceremony in Mirco's hometown but now it's time to celebrate in Camilla's "Cidade Maravilhosa": Rio de Janeiro, in full brazilian style.

Camilla contacted me and already had her head boiling with ideas. The challenge was to organise them all and give her a direction on what would go best with what.

Since I was dealing with an international duo where each one had their own families and friends from diverse nationalities, the invitations were designed in 3 different languages: English, German and Portuguese. The vintage "Air Mail" style was an allusion to the couple's journey back to where they first met, Camilla's hometown Rio de Janeiro. Stamps, Air Mail strings and a wax sealer were used to build up the style.

Detail: A letter stamp was designed combining the iconic "Cristo Redentor" and the "Matterhorn", a mountain from the Swiss Alps. Both famous landmarks from Brazil and Switzerland.